So you've checked out the site and now you want to know how things work?

Here is a basic list of questions and answers which may help to answer your questions quicker than sending us an email etc, however if this doesn't answer your question then feel free to hit us up at info@solemerchants.com

Q. How do I pay for a purchase? A. Either direct bank deposit, PayPal, Laybuy or cash money if you come to a pop-up event.

Q. How long does shipping usually take? A. Dependent on where you live this can vary but we suggest allowing between 3-7 working days within New Zealand. We ship in bulk once a week usually on a Wednesday or Thursday and will notify you when your order is on the way.

For international customers, this will be on a case-by-case basis dependent on the shipping option you choose.

Q. I want a specific pair of sneakers you don't have. Can you source them? A. We will give it a nudge! We have a wide local and international network of sneaker and apparel contacts.

Dependent on your request and budget we may be able to help? If you want us to check it out for you, drop us a line at info@solemerchants.com